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Many of our teaching academics are also research active and participate in industry-renowned research and publication outside of the University’s specialist centres. This may be in the form of collaborations with partner institutions or fellow academics, independent works, or participating in large research groups.

Our academics are known for their contributions to the various canons of their specialisms, and are often invited to be key notes speakers at conferences around the world.

To read more about the research activities of Buckingham’s staff, please visit our Staff Directory to view our academics and their work.

The University of Buckingham Press publishes authoritative, independent research and academic works by Buckingham staff and others in both journals and books.

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Baric, M., Franic, J. and Polak M. (2016) Tackling Undeclared Entrepreneurship in a Transition Setting: The Case of Croatia. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business. 28(2/3):255-274

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Hearn, J H, Finlay, K A, Fine, P A, & Cotter, I. Neuropathic pain in a rehabilitation setting after spinal cord injury: an interpretative phenomenological analysis of inpatients’ experiences. Spinal Cord Series and Cases (2017)

A large proportion of people with spinal cord injury (SCI) experience pain after injury, often described as burning and electricity. This type of pain is often poorly managed and is not well understood, particularly in the early stages of rehabilitation. This study used qualitative methodology to interview and analyse experiences of people living with pain after SCI. Read more >

Daya, Z., & Hearn, J. H. Mindfulness interventions in medical education: A systematic review of their impact on medical student stress, depression, fatigue and burnout. Medical Teacher (2017)

Mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) have gained popularity across higher education, and in particular, health education. However, there has been no evaluation of studies exploring mindfulness for medical students. A review was conducted to determine the effectiveness of MBIs for reducing psychological distress in undergraduate medical students. A total of twelve articles were reviewed, with study quality ranging from weak to strong. Read more >

“International Labour Standards and Regulation,” chapter in Gregor Gall (ed.), The Politics of Labour, Work and Employment. London: Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2018.

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A. Al Abd Alazeez, S. Jassim and H. Du, “EDDS: An Enhanced Density-based Method for Clustering Data Streams”, Proceedings of 46th International Conference on Parallel Processing Workshops, University of Bristol, August 2017, DOI 10.1109/ICPPW.2017.27, pp103-112

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Zhu, Zhen (2017) ‘Managerial power in executive compensation contracting: UK Evidence’, paper to be submitted

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Zhu, Zhen (2017) ‘Peer benchmarking in determining executive compensation in the UK: A behavioural approach’, paper under review

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Chen, Jean and Zhu, Zhen (2016) ‘Directors’ remuneration in the UK’, in Theory and Practice of Directors’ Remuneration: New Fundamentals and Challenges, edited by Kostyuk, A., Stiglbauer, M. and Govorun, D., Emerald Publishing Group, Bingley, UK, page 95-116

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Jenna L. Gillett & Emily Mattacola, “The moderating factors of neuroticism and extraversion in pain anticipation”, British Journal of Pain (2017)

Gillett and Mattacola conducted a study to investigate how personality might affect how much people anticipate something to be painful, and if this would change their experience of pain. Read more >

A. Asaad & S. Jassim, “Topological Data Analysis for Image Quality Assessment”, in Digital Forensics and Watermarking, Proceedings of 16th International Workshop, IWDW 2017 (Magdeburg, Germany, August 23-25, 2017)

A paper given at IWDW 2017. Read more >

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