You said, we did

The University of Buckingham loves to receive feedback from students on how their university experience can be improved. Please click a department below to see how your recent feedback has been addressed. If you have any thoughts on improvements that can be made, please get in touch.

Applied Computing

NSS Computing: You Said, We Did

You said you would like to be included in discussions about developing the programme
We held extensive consultations with students on changes to existing modules, and the introduction of new modules

You said you would benefit from more learning resources
We have made MATLAB available to all students, including on students’ personal computers

You said there should be greater balance between coursework and examinations
We ensure most modules now have an exam to coursework ratio of 60:40

You said you would like more opportunities to develop skills learned on the degree programme
We held a startup weekend at Buckingham to help students gain experience and work on unfamiliar problems

You said you would like more opportunities to work in groups
We bought two Oculus Rift headsets and two Microsoft Hololens headsets for staff and student projects

You said the staff-student partnership within the department should be strengthened
We introduced a termly staff-student forum to update students on departmental news, future plans, and action taken on feedback


NSS Business: You Said, We Did

You said you were unsure how to access feedback on Moodle
We have provided email guidelines on how to do this, and also put up the guidelines in the ADR building

You said you didn’t know how to improve your grades
We introduced Feedback Weeks following each exam diet. All students are encouraged to meet and discuss results with their personal tutors or module leaders

You said some personal tutors work part-time and are not always available
We have asked academic staff have put up their availability and contact details outside their offices

Business Enterprise

NSS Business Enterprise: You Said, We Did

You said too many modules rely solely on group work
We altered our module specifications, so now all but one BBE module involves at least 20% of individual assessment

You said you were unhappy with the content of the BIS2 module
We discontinued BIS2, and replaced it with Emerging and Disruptive Technologies. The new module covers similar ground, but the content is more relevant to what students asked for

You said some of you were uncomfortable using Excel
We held one-on-one training sessions to improve student skills and confidence using Excel

Economics and International Studies

You said extra-curricular activities do not run efficiently, and the student body is not very involved with activities outside of the classroom
We now have a student investment club to encourage thinking about investing and global markets, where students can learn from each other and academics in an extra-curricular setting

You said marking criteria are sometimes inconsistent and not clarified well enough unless you ask lecturers repeatedly
We have encouraged all lecturers to explain in class how a particular question should be approached and the marking criteria used

You said there should be more staff-student interaction, especially during the revision classes prior to exams
We have made revision classes more frequent in the run-up to exams. Lecturers are available to mark past paper questions and give feedback


You said students taking Poetry and Poetics would like pre-exam revision assistance
We held a session during which students and staff discussed good practice for the exam, and supplied revision notes to students

You often tell us the books you loved to study (and those you didn’t!)
We are continually revising reading lists to ensure the books selected are as inspiring and moving as possible

You said you thought the pattern of assessment in Film Studies was overly complex, and coursework-heavy
We sought advice from the External Examiner, who agreed with the students’ position. In future, the pattern of assessment for Film Studies will be altered, with a better balance between coursework and exams


NSS Law: You Said, We Did

You said you would like more feedback on your essays
We will ensure that feedback given on all written work is more detailed

You said you would like more support from academic staff
We have increased the number of meetings with your Personal Tutor

You said you would like a speedier return of your work
We will strive as a department to ensure that essays are marked and returned to students more quickly



NSS Library: You Said, We Did

You said you would like more help with online library resources
We created online videos on ebooks, accessing EBSCO, and off-campus access to resources

You said you would like more training on how to research
We now offer all students training on databases, ejournals, ebooks, and the library catalogue

You said it should be possible to borrow more core textbooks at one time
We doubled the amount of reading list books that students can borrow – four text books can be borrowed every day



NSS Medicine: You Said, We Did

You said recorded lectures should be uploaded to Moodle sooner
We now endeavour to upload all recordings within three working days

You said you weren’t getting the most out of group work sessions
We held an extensive review of group work, and implemented group work standards

You said you needed help with referencing from the library
We arranged drop-in help sessions

You said you would like more information on Student Selected Components and the Warwick placements
We arranged for talks on both subjects

You said groups in your group work rooms should change periodically
We now rotate groups on a four-weekly basis

You said you would like additional Narrative Medicine help sessions
We provided additional sessions


NSS Psychology: You Said, We Did

You said two assignments meant you were unable to study a topic in detail
We switched to a single assignment for most modules to allow you to immerse yourself in a topic

You said high weighting of exams creates additional stress and pressure
We have ensured the weighting of coursework and exams is now more balanced on most modules

You said you don’t know enough about elective modules to make an informed choice
We are making short videos on the details of module content to help you decide


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